What ministry will God work through your “Yes”?

SAY YES to 2022.

As we closed out 2021, we reflect with gratitude for all the amazing expressions of faith and ministry we have been a part of together. The homeless have been fed and showered; families and children of incarcerated folks have been shown love with support and gifts at Christmastime; 4000 people had a Thanksgiving meal because of you; residents who lost jobs during the pandemic had crucial bills paid from your benevolence; those grieving from loss or divorce are receiving pastoral care and encouragement; and scores of college students from the church and in the community have benefited from scholarships you have provided. You are an active part in expanding the Kingdom of God in and around this place!

What does God have in store next? You are invited to join us in finding out by making an Estimate of Giving for 2022. Join us in saying “Yes!” Simply fill out the fields below. Together, let’s say “Yes” to making ministry happen in 2022!

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