Women's Ministry Summer Book Club

The Deep End of the Ocean

SESSION ONE: Chapters 1 - 6
Discussion Question #1:
 The title, The Deep End of the Ocean, refers to Ben's first, timid reaction to a large body of water. What does the title mean to you?

Discussion Question #2:
Beth and Pat deal with their grief over Ben in quite different ways. Do you think it is characteristic of men and women to deal with grief - or the loss of a child - differently?
Discussion Question #3:
Although it is difficult to imagine how any good could come out of the Cappadora's tragedy and its aftermath, can you make an argument for what is often referred to as the "healing power of Grief"? Has anyone you know benefitted from the experience of a loss?


Mona - July 7th, 2022 at 8:12am

Hello, ladies! This is where you can share your reflections on the discussion questions and anything else you found enlightening or thought-provoking from this week's session. I look forward to the connections this blog will foster!

Mona - July 14th, 2022 at 10:21am

Today we talked about grief and how different it can be for men vs women, but also for different personality types. Our goal for the next six chapters, 13-18, is to look for God and examples of hope within the pages.

Please share your reflections!




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